After classic hives in square boxes and horizontal hives, Michel offers this year a new type of accommodation for our small friends. At first it should have been a simple trunk hive offering them a natural habitat, as they can find it in nature. The purpose of these hives is to ensure and protect biodiversity without interfering in the life of the swarm – so there will be no harvest on these hives.

 In a trunk, Michel first marked the interior space before emptying it with a chainsaw and a chisel. Then the openings were drilled for the take-off holes.

After Ninon’s visit, the project was transformed, and from simple hives trunks, these hives began to resemble Moai – the famous stone statues of Easter Island. With the flight holes showing the mouth and the shape of the nose suggested by the shape of the trunk, there were only eyes missing. Grandpa got caught up in the game and after a first Moai, he went on with a second one, carving it’s nose.

 gite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne Michel-Miille-IMG_5614 For the installation, Michel uses the mini excavator – and now they just have to wait for the tenants. The Moai hives will be reserved for black bees, originating from Brittany, resistant to diseases. The next two swarms are expected!

All that was lacking was flat stone hats to protect the hives from the rain, and to complete the resemblance with their illustrious predecessors.