After two years of wondering if we were going to shut down, we discovered workaway, and hopefully found a solution for the Domaine de la Ville Heleuc.

The year 2002 began with a heart attack, then a broken shoulder, not to mention other small sores, the desire to get involved elsewhere, advancing age and the impossibility of finding help on the spot, so we turned to the international market and we found young people there who are ready to help us.

Since the beginning of February we have welcomed our first workawayer. They are young people who like to travel, discover other cultures, and in exchange for room and board, are ready to share our life for a while and help with the maintenance of the grounds and buildings. At the moment it is Martin, a young Spaniard, who is staying with us. We communicate in English, French and German, and he is even learning a little Esperanto. We learn what he eats at home, how life in his region, … Michel likes to share his know-how as a retired craftsman, and I cook recipes, germinate seeds, …

This evening after another day of clearing, Martin took us on a trip to the Rioja region, with a meal of tortillas and tapas, accompanied by a wine from his region. We feasted while listening to typical music, watching carnival videos, and discussing the differences in customs in Spain, France and Germany.

After Martin there will be Oscar, a Venezuelan, then Simone, an Italian, then… If everyone is as pleasant to live with as Martin, the adventure will surely go on for a long time to come!