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Magical forest


Along the 6 km of walking paths on the 20 ha Domainegite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-domaine-plan-lvh-q50, many experiences await your senses, treasures want to be found, small natural wonders to be explored and time to be enjoyed.

Climb the Isaac hill on the Obelix path, try to push forward to the center of the maze, rest a while in the forest or hang a pearl on to the tipi, visit the goblins or drink an aperitif near the pond, …

GuillemetBretonVertThe forest lives, the forest dies, the forest comes back to life … our forest follows the cycle of life. When the fir trees die in one place because of beetles (Dendroctonus micans), young oaks or chestnuts grow up to stately trees in an old meadow. Storms tear down branches and topple trees, but in the cleared undergrowth the light penetrates to the ground and awakens thimbles, blackberries and other seeds that green the brown carpet of dead needles. When a tree falls, it doesn’t always die, often the branches straighten up and in turn become trunks. Some dead trees are reborn as dragons, others become balancing beams, and still others, turning to chips, heat us up in winter.

GuillemetBretonVertWhen you go for a walk, open your eyes, you can spot deer or hares in the forest, swans or moorhens on the water of Lake Beaulieu, buzzards in the air or bats on summer evenings. Sometimes you might see a cormorant, a whole flock of ducks or a kingfisher …

GuillemetBretonVertBut you can also come across other strange creatures: a dragon that comes straight out of the lake, flying fish or goblins that show you the way, other goblins in their playground, fairies who like to reflect themselves in their mirror, … you just have to be patient because sometimes they hide. And why not try a night walk with a flashlight?

GuillemetBretonVertStop looking for the bed in the forest, it has gone, the dinosaur’s nest needs to be repaired – just add an old branch or two. But there is a lot more to discover … did you find all of these?

GuillemetBretonVertIn our blog you can discoure the last news: new goblins and small fellows in the woods.

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