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The playground for the small ones is close to the guesthouses, the sandbox just outside the kitchen window of Le Fournil. Cars are not allowed here, even the last stretch of the road is free only for bicycles and pedestrians, so that children can play.


GuillemetBretonVertThe playground near Le Fournil received a new sandbox in 2020 and the parasol was replaced by an arbor that protects kids from the sun.

GuillemetBretonVertA little further on is the playhouse, whose roof has been covered like a straw hut with bamboo. The old slide, which no longer slid, has been replaced by a new one, still red. The fire pit allows you to bake stick bread and enjoy it – installed on the balance beam – with homemade seaweed tartare or honey. But you can also sit there for a full meal. Children enjoy the trampoline with others – but beware, it is not without risk!

GuillemetBretonVertThe tree climbing area (micro version), a playground created for kids by kids – to be used only under parental supervision! It is a little further from the lodges in the forest.

GuillemetBretonVertAround the buildings the little ones can go with their parents in search of the elves who like to hide there. Often, only their eyes are visible. The sheet with clues (in french) is in the cottages, but you can also download it here: LesLutinsIndices2020

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