Quick, quick, quick… January 31 is already approaching – the ultimate limit for presenting your wishes in France!

In your country it may already be too late, but we hope that you will still accept our wishes for happiness, joy and sharing for the end of this month and the 11 to follow! We wish you to spend time with each other, to taste the pleasure of being together and to keep joy in your hearts.

Let’s banish fear, apprehension, judgement,…! Let’s wake up to the beauty of this world, of the nature that surrounds us, live the present moment and savor every moment! Let us be grateful for all that has been given to us, for all that we have experienced; no one can take it from us! Give thanks for the ray of the sun, for the drop of rain or for the snowflake. Let’s create our future by our positive thoughts, transform the negative into positive, the shadows into light.

Looking back on the year 2021, despite the difficulties it has brought us, our hearts are filled with joy, and we wish to share these images with you.

What you think, you will be.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.


A happy new year 2022,
Beatrice & Michel