standard-title Bicycles, etc.

Bicycles, etc.


Just next to the spa is a shelter for bicycles. It was built initially to accommodate our cars. For a time, ponies lived here – maybe this time eventually will come again … Today you will find here bikes, kick-scooters, trailers, wagons, strollers, … and even a unicycle. In addition, helmets, air pumps and everything you need to repair bikes. Nordic walking poles and a stepper are also available. In the boot cupboard you will find rubber boots in almost all sizes. Immediately behind it is another cupboard with cushions for the chairs outside. And since 2020 all kinds of kitchen utensils have been stored in reserve in a cupboard: plates, glasses, cutlery, pots, pans, baby cookers, bottle warmers, …

GuillemetBretonVertThere are bikes of all sizes and colors, as well as a matching selection of helmets! Pumps and repair supplies are on the shelves above the helmets. And if you are faced with an apparently unsolvable problem, turn to Michel, he almost always knows how to help. There are child seats and two trailers for the little ones, but please don’t forget their helmets!

GuillemetBretonVertIn the back you will find the strollers and the adventure wagon in which children can be transported. The luggage carts are occasionally used to collect dead wood in the forest or to transport garbage bags to Val Potier, where the dumpster is located.

GuillemetBretonVertFor the little ones there are running bikes, tractors, tricycles or doll prams. Balls, small cars, toys for the sandpit, small dishes, … We try to replace worn out toys so that there is something for everyone to play with.

GuillemetBretonVertThe boot cupboard in front, kitchen utensils in the back (in the cupboard named “GITES”), but also a training device, trekking and Nordic walking sticks, skipping ropes, Breton skis, …

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