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Natural pool

logo-lvh-projet-transparent-tourgite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-domaine-plan-lvh-q50Our natural pool is near the top of the Isaac hill, far enough away from the playground, so that there is no danger for kids. Accompany your children and enjoy swimming and playing together in the water.  On the shore there is a lot of frogs, dragonflies and other animals to observe.

When we arrived here, there was no pool, but a hill, and later a granite quarry. A source flowed down on one of the stone walls until the wall became a victim of the quarry. You can’t see the source any more, but it continues to flow, underground. The water level of the pool depends on season and rainfall, usually it’s 5 to 6 meters – have a look at the clear marks on the wall on the right side. The bathing ladder is sometimes completely below the water level.


In summer, the water is heated by the sun up to 22° or even 24°. In winter you better be an adapt of tummo, but freezing point is extremely rare here. The leaves that fall from the trees follow the movement of the wind that carries them to one side or the other. Fish, frogs, salamanders, dragonflies, … love this biotope. With a little luck you can even spot a kingfisher, heron or ducks here.

Since 1997 nature has regained its rights, trees are now growing again around the water, also on the almost vertical walls. After an attempt to limit the tree population in 2014, we found it was impossible to keep vegetation regrowth in check. Since then we have been fishing regularly for everything that floats on the surface of the water, but it’s a constant job and sometimes we find it difficult to keep up …

Follow the flying fish to find the swimming pool, use the space for an aperitif or a picnic, watch frogs and everything that moves on or under the water. The dry toilets are in operation all year round.

PS: The frog hand visible in some photos has not withstood the years and is no longer manufactured. We are looking for an alternative …

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