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All about water

logo-lvh-projet-transparent-tourWater is a valuable resource. We try to conserve it, not to pollute it and not to waste it.
At house level, all taps and showers are equipped with water saving devices. We have also installed hourglasses in the showers, so that you can check if you are an eco-friendly showerer. 

Sanitary garden

In 2009, an Aquatiris sanitary garden replaced our two old septic tanks. The sanitary garden consists of two basins planted with reeds, rushes, lilies, mints and other aquatic plants that clean all our waste water. In spring and summer, this garden is littered with butterflies and other flying insects. In 2019 we asked Aquatiris for a check-up – our garden is in perfect condition and should remain so for many years to come.


Rainwater is collected in our old cleaned septic tanks, and can be filled into buckets or watering cans by a hand pump. There is a rainwater barrel in front of the Ecurie, and a 1000 litre reserve behind the workshop shed and the Manoir respectively. The water thus collected is used for watering plants, but also for construction work and children’s games.

The well

This old well, which we found in 1982 in the middle of the courtyard, must date back to the time when the Manoir was built. It has stone masonry on the inside and has water nearly all year round. The photos show its development up to the present day. Bathrooms, toilet and washing machine used in the oldest part of the manoir are connected to its water.

Dry toilets

Dry toilets are installed in the wellness area and next to the natural swimming pool. They save water and produce compost. The toilet house, which is next to the swimming lake, was built by Michel from recycled materials: pallet, cupboard doors, table tennis table, … Since 2019, we have a third, mobile dry toilet, which moves as needed, in a small black tent.

Natural pool

The natural pool in a former quarry is fed by spring water. It is about 17 metres wide and 40 metres long, with an average depth of 5 to 6 metres. As the vegetation around the pond grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to dispose of all the branches and leaves that fall into the water – we do our best. We try to regulate the water level with a hose that goes down into the gutter of the Manoir. After the hose is vented, the water runs down by simple gravity and flows through a water spout into the underground tank before finding its way into the lake Beaulieu. We started Plocher treatment in 2014 on a quartz sand base to limit the development of algae and silt. After initial success, we finally stopped 2 years later, as there was no visible improvement.  


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