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Lacto-fermentation – what is that? Lacto-fermentation is a method of preserving food in anaerobic environment (without air). The salt inhibits the pathogenic bacteria and favors the lactic bacteria that will transform the sugar contained in the vegetables into lactic acid. Nothing to do with adding milk, it is the lactic acid bacteria that gave their […]

Stick bread

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500g flour,1 packet of dry yeast,1/4 liter of warm milk or water,1 pinch of salt,1 pinch of sugar or 100 g if you want the bread to be sweet. Knead the dough and let it rest. Knead again, then shape into small sausages and twist them around a stick or twig like a spiral. Bake […]

Elderflower champagne

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Elderflower champagne – cuvée 2015 Flowering of elder started already at the end of may in La Ville Heleuc – it’s time to start the 2015 vintage of elderflower champagne. The moon calendar showed up flower days on sunday and monday. Ideal to start. Unfortunately the sun did not show up sunday and wether was rather […]