Happy New Year 2022!

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Quick, quick, quick… January 31 is already approaching – the ultimate limit for presenting your wishes in France! In your country it may already be too late, but we hope that you will still accept our wishes for happiness, joy and sharing for the end of this month and the 11 to follow! We wish […]

Happy New Year 2021!

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2020 shook us all, pushed us to our limits, but also allowed us to live differently, to discover other means of communication, to go more deeper to the essential of our lives, to appreciate the moments of reunion, … We wish you to continue the adventure of your life in 2021, to appreciate and savor […]

Happy New Year 2020!

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2020 is already showing up! 2019 was a lot of travelling for us. But here too, there was some traffic: our hosts, family, friends and workshop participants came to see us. To the last year classes about bee’s wraps, soap, furoshiki  and lacto-fermentation, there were new ones about ivy lye and stain soap. We wish you for this New Year 2020 to live […]

Happy new year 2019!

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2019 already comes along! 2018 has been full of encounters, expériences, trips, organisations, … for us. You will find underneath some pictures of those moments in la Ville Heleuc: diy of bée’s wrap and soap, snow in february, fireplace outside, swimming in the natural pool, arrangements by joy in a japanese way, wrapping in furoshiki, and more. We wish […]

Happy New Year 2018!

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We wish you for this New Year 2018 very much happiness, joy and good health! And a lot of goblins to help you in your daily life, so that your head is free for the really important things – the others! As in the last years, you can watch beneath a short video of last […]

Happy New Year 2017!

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Our best Wisches for this New Year! With some pictures showing you what happened in La Ville Heleuc in 2016. May joy accompany you during all this year, may it illuminante you everyday life and may you divise it with your family and friends. Train to feel it in the small things, in every moment, […]

Happy New Year 2016!

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We would like to present to you our best wishes for 2016. Click on the picture to have a look back and see what happened in 2015 in La Ville Heleuc! 2016 will surely reserve lots of new events, surprises, and visits in La Ville Heleuc – perhaps you… Any case we wish you lots […]

Houses of fairies

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Not long ago we discovered those little houses in the woods near the mirror of the fairies. We had tried to have a look at the habitants through a window or an open door, but without any success. Opinions differed – were they elves or fairies or other creatures? … but in this sunny last […]

Baby owl rescue

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At noon today, our guests have discovered a small owl at the entrance of Le Fournil. It seems to be a tawny owl, although usually barn owls live in the nest box in the Manor… It sometimes happens, that little owls do not manage to get back into the nest box when they learn to […]