standard-title Hot tub and sauna

Hot tub and sauna

Relaxation and fitness in an open space

logo-lvh-projet-transparent-tourThe spa area is covered, but open to nature. You can use it in summer, but also in winter when it snows or rains. The area is open all day and night – what about a midnight bath? The ecological hot tub is well insulated and keeps the water continuously at 37°, so that even the youngest can have a swim with their parents. A sauna provides relaxation and an elliptical trainer machines allow you to become actively involved.

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Fancy some romance at midnight?

Spa_MG_2809-rondA candle-lit atmosphere and rainbow colors in the pool, the spa welcomes you for a romantic moment when baby is sleeping at night. Leave the day behind and start the night with a relaxing bath for two. The bubbles rise to the surface and the jets of water gently massage you. Perhaps a shooting star is lurking in the sky as the moon climbs to illuminate the landscape with its white light – just for you.

Water fun for the little ones!

BébéSpa2rondMuch larger than a bathtub, the hot tub offers a space where mom and baby feel comfortable and safe. The bottom and the edges are soft and without any sharp angle. The water in the pool is permanently heated to 37°, the ideal temperature for a bath shared with the little ones.

gite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-enfants-famille-spa-jacuzzi-whirlpool-5676-rondWhen they are a bit older kids learn to put their heads under water, to float on their back or to dive to catch objects from the bottom. What a pleasure to show mum and dad their progress.



gite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-enfants-famille-spa-jacuzzi-whirlpool-003q50-rondIn the morning, the spa becomes a space for your muscles to warm up – put on the fitness gloves or grab the foam “weights” and move arms and legs in the hot water. Take advantage of these moments of gentle fitness to observe the awakening of nature and birds.

gite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-enfants-famille-spa-elliptique-velos-ecurie-1833-rondTo complete your fitness, get on the elliptical trainer for a few cross-country ski strides. Your spine will certainly appreciate a downward moment on the inversion table. You can also jump rope. Or take a Nordic walking tour.

gite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-enfantsfamille-spa-sauna-dsc09841-rondAnd after the effort, relax your muscles in the dry heat of the Finnish sauna. A splash of water on the lava stones at the end of the session will cause the water to come out through all your pores. And finally a moment of rest accompanied by a glass of fruit juice.

On the sustainable side

gite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-enfants-famille-spa-jacuzzi-whirlpool-sauna-neige-p3133001-rondThe water in our hot tub is heated by the heat released from the water circulation pump – there is no heating resistance. By recovering these calories, the water goes through an ozonator for a pre-treatment, which is supplemented by ecological Aquafinesse products and a minimum of chlorine. The insulation is reinforced, so it only takes a minimum of energy to keep the water at temperature, so that you can enjoy it at any time.

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