logo-lvh-projet-transparent-tourAlong the 6 km of walking paths on the 20 ha Domainegite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-domaine-plan-lvh-q50, many experiences await your senses, treasures want to be found, small natural wonders to be explored and time to be enjoyed.

Climb the Isaac hill on the Obelix path, try to push forward to the center of the maze, rest a while in the forest or hang a pearl on to the tipi, visit the goblins or drink an aperitif near the pond, …

GuillemetBretonVert maze as in the cathedrals – just one way to the middle.

GuillemetBretonVertA tipi in the middle of a maze. Hang on a pearl, a feather, …

GuillemetBretonVertA bed with a pine cone mattress in the forest – how does that feel? Just try it out!

GuillemetBretonVertA Tic Tac Toe along the path of Obelix – who will win today?

GuillemetBretonVertCaution curve! Have you found the tree of the three owls? The playground of the goblins ? The mirror of the fairies?

GuillemetBretonVertThe Kroktemps – the time eater, invites you to forget time and enjoy the present moment.

GuillemetBretonVertNear the lake of Beaulieu you can watch Channel Nature on TV – or the last news presented by your children.

GuillemetBretonVertA big swing near the lake, where also parents can rock really high – do you remember this butterflies in your stomach?

GuillemetBretonVertAnd if it rains? That’s no excuse not to go out – take our umbrellas and boots, and try to see nature in a different way! Or try dancing in the rain!