Green electricity



logo-lvh-projet-transparent-tourWhen the French electric supplier EDF did not react at the disaster of Fukushima, we decided to find an alternative electricity supplier. We have chosen Enercoop, a cooperative with transparency, in which we are sure that our current consumption is covered only by electricity from wind power, photovoltaic, hydro or biomass. The increased costs we accept, knowing that we are no more supporting nuclear power plants. logo-Enercoop-éthique

Since February 2013, we produce electricity by photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof of Le Fournil. The annual production is about 1/3 of our total electricity consumption.

We try to save electricity using energy-efficient electrical appliances – from refrigerators, washing machines to the hot tub. Lighting is usually due to LED and if possible with photovoltaic cells and automatic motion detection. Multiple sockets with switches avoid to have electrical equipment energized.

To avoid electrosmog, during the renovation of Le Fournil all cables have been shielded. Due to the thick granite walls wifi reception is very local – which means that you are protected. If you can not do without the Internet, we provide you with a CPL connector. The entire wifi network is switched off at night.