logo-lvh-projet-transparent-tourFrom the beginning on we used in La Ville Heleuc natural materials such as wood and stones for renovation and construction works. Thus in 2010 we just had to paint the untreated wooden boards with a white Biofa glaze to give them a whole new look and keep them eco-friendly. When we started the renovation work of Le Fournil, we wanted to go even further, and make this house so that one really feels well inside, and that is without any risk to its residents.

So we started to take everything out, till there were just the stone walls, wooden ceiling, roof and slate left. The floor now consists of an aerated bottom layer of lime, insulation material is wood wool or a lime-hemp blend. On the floor lie granite slabs from Isaac hill over a heated floor, upstairs there is bamboo under your feet, on the walls fermacell and a plaster of earth or lime paint, etc.

Now you must tell us, if you feel really comfortable there!