It is just bee’s wrap. The upper name is not quite right …


Do not try to machine wash these wraps! You can wipe them off with lukewarm water, even with soap, but from 40 ° the wax softens, and from 50 ° it melts!

These food wraps keeps food in the fridge or in the freezer and limits the use of transparent plastic or aluminum film. You can wrap sandwiches, cheese, washed salad leaves (keeps them good for at least a week), opened vegetables or fruits, or close bowls, plates or glasses, …


At the beginning of 2019 we organized a few workshops in Ville Heleuc with the SEL (local exchange system) of Dinan. Then came others with friends, and the last one in date with my sister. The upper photo shows the latest samples. And it still is about recycling: old shirts, sheets, fabric scraps, furoshiki, … come to new life.