After two nights of frost, it was still very cold in the evening of December 28th. We decided to prepare ice sculptures with the children. We picked up some fruit and dried flowers, twigs and leaves. Then in the kitchen everyone prepared its setting in a bowl. We put all the bowls on the terrace, placed a link of raffia or string in each, filled them with water and just waited.

The next day we unmolded the sculptures to hang them on branches. In the shade they resisted a bit longer, but they looked much nicer in the sun.

To get a nice ice sculpture without the mark of the plate, use a bucket or deep bowl. It is then necessary to ensure that the decorative elements float on the surface and do not sink in the water. Except in extreme cold, only the top layer of the water will be frozen.

If you don’t have a garden, you can hang these ephemeral sculptures at a window, on a balcony, …

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