All about water



logo-lvh-projet-transparent-tourWater is a precious element and clean water increasingly rare. Our two old septic tanks have been replaced by a large sanitation garden in 2009. It consists of two basins planted with reeds and water plants such as iris and mint. In summer it is a haven for butterflies and throughout the year it cleans the wastewater of the manor and guest houses.

Rainwater is collected in tons and in the former septic tanks and used for watering and for construction work.

The old well of La Ville Heleuc is still in operation and its water is used in a part of the manor for bathroom, toilets and washing machine.

Dry toilets have been installed where it was not possible to connect them to the sanitation garden: one next to the sauna and another one at the natural pool. They save water and produce compost. These toilets have been built by Michel from recycled materials: an old pallet, cabinet doors, half a table tennis table, …

The natural pool in an old granite quarry is filled by spring water. It is about 17 meters long and 40 meters wide and in the middle between 5 and 6 meters deep. If the water level is too high, then we have run it down into our rain gutter through a tube. In 2014, we have begun a treatment with Plocher quartz sand to counteract the development of algae and mud.

Water is heated by solar panels on the roof of the heating room, and if that is not enough the wood chip heater will help.

All faucets are equipped with water saving devices, and in the showers there are hourglasses, which will help you to test whether you are an eco-friendly showerer.