The playground is close to the guesthouses, the sandbox just outside the kitchen window of Le Fournil. Cars are not allowed here, even the last stretch of the road is free only for bicycles and pedestrians, so that children can play.

GuillemetBretonVertThe totem watches over the playground of the little ones: sandbox, slide, nest swing, a little further the rope slide, play house and fire place.

GuillemetBretonVertThe rope slide starts at the top of the old stairs of Le Fournil. Children can slide from up there about 20 meters over a path covered with a thick layer of wood chips all the way to the lime tree.

GuillemetBretonVertThe playhouse has walls made of wood, earth and bottles. From inside a staircase made of old tires leads up to the slide. On the roof is growing sedum, grass, … In the playhouse kids can play dry even in rain, cook in the kitchen and then serve the “food” on the tables.

GuillemetBretonVertBeside the playhouse, there is a fire place, where children can learn under the supervision of their parents how to deal with fire. The balance beam can also be used as a bench.

GuillemetBretonVertOn the large in-ground trampoline kids and adults can jump. The little ones can learn to do somersaults here.