Natural pool



logo-lvh-projet-transparent-tourgite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-domaine-plan-lvh-q50Our natural pool is near the top of the Isaac hill, far enough away from the playground, so that there is no danger for kids. Accompany your children and enjoy swimming and playing together in the water. A floating island in the form of a large frog hand floats in the middle of the lake. On the shore there is a lot of frogs, dragonflies and other animals to observe.

When we arrived here, there was no pool, but a hill, and later a granite quarry. A source flowed down on one of the stone walls until the wall became a victim of the quarry. You can’t see the source any more, but it continues to flow, underground. The water level of the pool depends on season and rainfall, usually it’s 5 to 6 meters. In summer, the water is heated by the sun up to 22° or even 24°.

On request, we have for your children swimming leaflets, in which they can measure their progress.