Elderflower champagne – cuvée 2015

sureau2bFlowering of elder started already at the end of may in La Ville Heleuc – it’s time to start the 2015 vintage of elderflower champagne.

calendrier-lunaire-jardinage-juin2015-jardiner-avec-la-luneThe moon calendar showed up flower days on sunday and monday. Ideal to start. Unfortunately the sun did not show up sunday and wether was rather wet, so I had to wait for monday to pick up the 78 required elder umbels (see recipe below)..

gite-ecolo-bebe-bretagne-lavilleheleuc-champagne-sureau-DSC_6145Fortunately the spring harvest of honey was over and the extractor available. It is made of stainless steel, has the good size and a tap to extract on the bottom. Once the elderflowers covered with water and lemons, sugar and vinegar added, I just had to turn the whole vigorously.

For 5 days the preparation will be turned three times a day, then we will filter and bottle the champagne (best is a fruit day in the moon calendar). Three weeks later we should be able to toast!



Here are the quantities for about 30 bottles

  • 26 elder umbels
  • 6 organic lemons cut into 4
  • 2,4 kg of organic sugar
  • 6 tablespoons of organic cider vinegar
  • 24 liters of water