Elderflower champagne

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Elderflower champagne – cuvée 2015 Flowering of elder started already at the end of may in La Ville Heleuc – it’s time to start the 2015 vintage of elderflower champagne. The moon calendar showed up flower days on sunday and monday. Ideal to start. Unfortunately the sun did not show up sunday and wether was rather […]

Ice sculptures

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After two nights of frost, it was still very cold in the evening of December 28th. We decided to prepare ice sculptures with the children. We picked up some fruit and dried flowers, twigs and leaves. Then in the kitchen everyone prepared its setting in a bowl. We put all the bowls on the terrace, […]

Houses of fairies

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Not long ago we discovered those little houses in the woods near the mirror of the fairies. We had tried to have a look at the habitants through a window or an open door, but without any success. Opinions differed – were they elves or fairies or other creatures? … but in this sunny last […]